The students, teachers and staff of DANA profess a set of complementary values that are fundamental to DANA Education Group’s identity and provide the foundation for its practices.

a Concepts

Learning can all too often be dull and boring. However, that has always been the one thing DANA has refused to accept. lessons at DANA must be exciting, exhilarating and as enjoyable as possible. Students must leave feeling they have visited a friend…while still learning all the critical skills.

a Experience

It is DANA’s strong view that learning does not come from simply sitting and listening. To really master any skills, one must ‘do’ and make their voice heard. In DANA centers, students have a great experience with our fun materials, caring staff and knowledgeable teachers.

a Environment

No one can learn in a center that is dirty, cramped or full of needless distractions. DANA centers are designed and maintained to give students a comfortable setting to make effective learning possible – but with enough vibrant colours and designs to keep the students charged for active learning.

a Outcomes

DANA aspires to enable its students to get fabulous results for whatever program they have signed up for. A customer’s connection, however, should never end when his/her program does. DANA’s legacy must be that even once a customer has achieved their desired results, DANA will continue to be a part of his/her life, driving him/her on to go higher and higher in whatever direction they wish.

a Intentions

DANA will always be an active member of the community at large. DANA center should make its presence known through generous and charitable activities that will help the communities which it is resting in.