DANA Young Learners French


About This Course

Program Details

The course syllabus is based on the exciting and new series. DANA Young Learners French program provides a solid foundation for young French learners by directing their attention to grammatical and phonetic conventions. Colorful storybooks and interactive games are incorporated into the classroom teaching to make learning fun and effective. DYLF through a 5 level comprehensive plan, prepare the students for the DELF PRIM Exam – with text material which completely parallels the material found in the exams.

Students of DANA Young Learners French will also learn via the DANA Daily Dose. Daily Dose is a set of activity books aimed at improving students’ grammar and vocabulary knowledge through self-study at home.   Students are required to complete small sets of assignments each day, six days a week. Following exciting activities, which are written according to the needs of each level, students will fully immersed in a creative learning environment.

This unique program also reinforces all the French materials students are covering through school syllabus. This way they will be able to master French as their second language and have a much better school performance.