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DANA’s TOEFL Preparation Program gets students ready for the IBT TOEFL exam. Our program does more than just familiarize students with exam questions and teach test taking strategies. This program breaks the TOEFL exam down into simple steps, starting with the very basics of the English language, and builds on them each day. All students who successfully complete DANA’s TOEFL Preparation Program should be able to obtain a score of 90 on the official exam.



  • Students take a written and oral placement test to determine their English level
  • Beginner and Intermediate students start in DANA International English Program courses and begin taking DANA TOEFL Preparation course after Level 9 or any higher level


  • The minimum course length is 1 month, certificate is earned after 4 months
  • Students may study for as many levels as required to achieve their desired score


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