DANA International English Program


About This Course

This program has been specially designed to fit the needs of the International market. No matter your country, ethnic background or experience with the English language, DANA’s International English Program will aid you in gaining whatever level of Mastery in English you may need – be it for work, academic or even immigration purposes. Students from Korea, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan and even Russia will come to this center due to its high reputation for quality language training.

Using both an international known American text series and a specially crafted in-house syllabus, our intensive English program takes students from true beginners (i.e. learning the alphabet, rudimentary English phonics) , and takes them up to an appropriate level for them to do the prestigious IELTS and TOEFL examinations.   In fact, the upper levels of our program contain a great deal of material aimed directly at preparing students to take this difficult and yet highly sought after certificate.

In addition to the classes, students take part in other activities such as field trips, center parties and variety shows. All of these give students a chance to feel like they are part of a special community within the center – a proud International community of DANA students.

Program Schedule:

Consisting of 12 levels, from Level 1 (Beginners) to Level 12 (Upper Advanced), our Intensive English Course trains students daily on the many systems and skills of the English Language.

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking


Each level of the course lasts for four weeks. At the end of each level, the students are given progress tests covering what they have learned during that level. Only once they shown they have mastered an appropriate mastery of the language requirements for that level, are they allowed to move on.