DANA Business English


About This Course

Program Details

DANA Business English is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to master written and oral English in the working environment.

The aim of the program is to improve our clients’ English language proficiency for a wide range of skills like:

  1. Negotiating
  2. Socializing
  3. Presentations
  4. Meetings
  5. Emails
  6. Telephoning

Also, this program at higher levels aims at being more specific and targeting English appropriate for such positions as:

  1. Accounting
  2. Automobile Industry
  3. Energy Industry
  4. Telecoms and Information Technology
  5. Pharmaceutical Industry
  6. Fashion Industry
  7. Sales and marketing
  8. Cabin Crew
  9. And many more


These subjects are all covered in an environment that encourages creativity and learning through the Participative Learning Method (PLM). Our content was created by people with many years of corporate experience, people who actually use Business English on an everyday basis, to give students most accurate business vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and jargon.



Elementary level students can join the program



DANA Business English consists of 5 levels, the first 3 levels are focusing on job related skills like: negotiating, Emails, presentation skills, etc. the last two levels are more position focused and are exposing you to the language you need for specific positions.